HoneybeeLives won 2nd Place in the New York City Honey Week 2015
"Judges Choice" competition organized by The American Honey Tasting Society

HoneybeeLives recieves the Edible Hudson Valley Local Hero Award 2012


Grai recieved the American Bee Journal Photography Award

Eastern Apiculture Society 2012

(Grai recieving award from Michael Palmer)


Organic: Farmers and Chefs of the Hudson Valley                                 

A collection of Wet Plate Collodion portraits by Francesco Mastalia
published in book form in November 2014 and seen in gorgeous exhibtion prints.
A portrait of Chris is included

Wonderful Letter to Chris From NYS Gov Patterson

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Woodstock Roundtable August 3, 2014

Download WDST Interview with Chris and Grai

Green for Green Award - June 2009

Radio Woodstock and Ulster Savings Bank Honor
Download WDST Interview with Chris and Grai 



Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance Newsletter, Spring 2018

Why Honeybees?
Writing & photos by Grai St. Clair Rice
Download PDF

Poughkeepsie Journal, Environment Section, September 25, 2016

Bee gardens attract pollinators
Written by Lisa Iannucci
Photos by Grai St. Clair Rice

Ulster Magazine, September-October 2015

The Tao of Beekeeping: How a New Paltz apiary nurtures nature
Written by Deborah Medenbach
Photos by Erik Gliedman
Download PDF (large file)

Organic Hudson Valley, March 2014

The Keeper and the Bee
Written by Nancy O. Graham
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Edible Hudson Valley, Fall 2013

Food for Thought: The Other Side of the Plate.
Picturing the dedication of Hudson Valley farm workers, with portraits by U. Roberto Romano and text by Leslie Hatfield.

Hudson Valley Magazine, August 2013

Hudson Valley Beekeeping: How to Raise a Bee Colony, Harvest Honey, and Prevent Colony Collapse Disorder
The bee’s knees: The Valley is abuzz with honeybees and their keepers
Written by Cynthia James
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Poughkeepsie Journal, May 13, 2013

Vegetarian Times, September 2012

Facetime: Sweet on Honeybees
Written by Amy Spitalnick
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Poughkeepsie Journal, Spring, 2012

Raising honeybees helps protect local food supply
Written by Marji Yablon
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Roll Magazine, Oct 10 - Nov 10, 2010

"What the Buzz?  Will Natural Backyard Beekeeping Save the Honeybees?"
A talk with Grai Rice by Jamaine Bell
Download PDF

Poughkeepsie Journal, January 24, 2010

"Hello, Honeybees: Balance of the Right Plants Attracts These Pollinators"
Written by Grai St. Clair Rice

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Times Herald-Record, Sept 4, 2009

"Record Rain Imperials Bees" - Front Page News
Written by Alexa James
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Chronogram, August 2009

"Learning Curve: Continuing Education Opportunities."
Written by Anne Roderique-Jones

Hudson Valley Magazine, April 2009

"Minding the Bees"
Written by Greg Ryan
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The Valley Table, Aug-Sept 2007 (This article is a good read.)*********

'What the Bee Said'
Written by Tracy Frisch
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New York House, October 2006

"In Praise of Honeybees"
Written by Grai St. Clair Rice

NRTA Live & Learn, Fall 2006

"Learning Their A-Bee-Cs"
Written by Susan Piperato
Download PDF

Poughkeepsie Journal, January 15, 2006

Our Environment section, “Bees in Your Backyard.”
Written by Chris Harp and Grai Rice
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Chronogram, July 2004

“A Case of Hives”
Written by Jonathan King